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Insurers commonly agree and settle most claims directly with their customers. For more complex and larger claims, requiring face to face discussion at the scene, often loss adjusters are engaged by those insurers, with a remit to act impartially in the consideration of all aspects of the claim, but typically determination of policy liability, quantum and recovery prospects. Some insurers enter into volume claims agreements with their adjusters. However, our company has as its objective the undiluted desire to provide a dedicated and personal claims adjusting service to instructing principals that require a consistently first class professional performance and customer service based on extensive knowledge and experience, with key features being: -

  • immediate response, seven days a week.
  • establishment of close relationship with the policyholder.
  • bringing to bear the benefit of professional advice and experience.
  • diligent assessment of policy liability.
  • effective loss mitigation and control from the outset.
  • agreement upon initial and subsequent measures.
  • regular monitoring of claim.
  • accurate assessment of quantum.
  • evidenced gathered and recovery aspects pursued.
  • prompt settlement.
  • clear and comprehensive reporting.